About me

I'm a freelance fashion photographer who has a passion for creative work from Belgrade, Serbia. I am inspired by people and their life stories as well as fashion itself. For that reason, I like to do portrait photography the most and record stories that remain eternal when I record them with the camera. In 2021 I finished my Master’s studies in architecture at the Faculty of Belgrade.


  • “The content of a photograph reflects what lies in the photographer, because what we see indicates what we really are.” – Ernst Has
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Scenography and BTS photos /Andjela Despotovic/ZKTTT music video

I did a scenography and behind the scene photos for Andjela Despotovic and her first music video. Hope you like it.

Andjela Despotovic/Za kad ti to treba

muzika: Andjela Despotovic tekst: Andjela Despotovic, Milos Manojlovic

aranzman: Andjela Despotovic

miks/master: Nemanja Antonic, Andjela Despotovic

produkcija/rezija: Andjela Despotovic

menadzer produkcije: Milos Manojlovic

direktor fotografije: Vuk Papic

svetlo: Milos Prokic, Dragan Radojevic

scenografija: Suncica Zurkovic

sminka: Nemanja Taneski

kosa: Milan Boskovic, Boban Ristic

asistent produkcije: Sanja Dzodic

koreografija: Una Vujosevic

plesacice: Nina Stankovic, Una Djuricic, Anja Zarak, Marija Radovanovic

montaza: Andjela Despotovic

kolor korekcija: Nemanja Novakovic

BTS fotografija: Nemanja Taneski, Suncica Zurkovic, Andrej Mihailovic

BTS video: Nikola Spasic

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