About me

I'm a freelance fashion photographer who has a passion for creative work from Belgrade, Serbia. I am inspired by people and their life stories as well as fashion itself. For that reason, I like to do portrait photography the most and record stories that remain eternal when I record them with the camera. In 2021 I finished my Master’s studies in architecture at the Faculty of Belgrade.


  • “The content of a photograph reflects what lies in the photographer, because what we see indicates what we really are.” – Ernst Has
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Be a model boot camp/ educator

I had the opportunity to be a lecturer to girls who are just entering the world of modeling. I received an invitation from the wonderful Aleksandra Kolarski, who organized this boot camp at the Crowne Plaza in Belgrade in June 2021. After the boot camp, the girls had the opportunity to walk the runway for the first time wearing famous fashion creations by Belgrade designers. I enjoyed sharing my photographic knowledge and experience with them. You can see part of the atmosphere from the show in the photos.

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you can see a bit of the atmosphere in the video below


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