About me

I'm a freelance fashion photographer who has a passion for creative work from Belgrade, Serbia. I am inspired by people and their life stories as well as fashion itself. For that reason, I like to do portrait photography the most and record stories that remain eternal when I record them with the camera. In 2021 I finished my Master’s studies in architecture at the Faculty of Belgrade.


  • “The content of a photograph reflects what lies in the photographer, because what we see indicates what we really are.” – Ernst Has
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    I compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to email me.
    Do you deliver every image you shoot?

    No, I only deliver final edited photos.

    Are you available to travel for business?

    Yes! In that case travel expenses are also charged.

    How long does it take to receive the final product (retouched photos)?

    You will receive the edited files within approximately 10-15 days via Google Drive Link.

    Do I get to select the images?

    It depends on the deal. You can leave it to me to choose the best photos according to my taste or otherwise I can provide you with all the photos in reduced resolution with a watermark and you can choose which photos will be edited.

    What is included in the price, and what’s not?

    What is included: Online/In person meeting or call where we discuss and plan all the details about the shooting. This includes brainstorming ideas, making a perfect personalized concept, choosing models, locations, details, makeup, hair etc. Shooting on the location. My complete dedication to making perfect photos and ofcourse postproduction.

    What is not included: Models, Makeup Artist, Hairdresser, Stylist, Studio/Apartment rent, Travel costs (If I’m travelling to another city/country). I can also recommend people I have already worked with and provide you with a list of models.

    For which purposes I can use my photos?

    It Depends on the type of photography. All photos can be uploaded to social networks and platforms, but if it goes to the press or on billboards, it is necessary to inform me, because in that case the price changes.

    What if I’m a totally unexperienced/amateur model?

    No worries! I have worked with models who have no experience at all as well as with professional models. It is up to you to come in a good mood.

    Do you provide videography services?

    Yes, I also do short videos for social media.

    Learn more about me here.

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